defending our land, wildlife, and waters against the Trump Administration



Democratic Conservation Alliance is a Political Action Committee funded by grassroots donors who are dedicated to defending our land, wildlife, and waters against the Trump Administration’s reckless assault on America’s natural heritage.

President Trump and his Administration are pursuing the largest elimination of protections for national monuments and wild places in American history. They are working relentlessly to weaken the bedrock environmental laws and rules that protect our drinking water, clean air, and climate. We must act now or President Trump will sell out our national parks, public lands, and oceans to the highest bidder.
We need to fight back and we need your help!


The mission of the Democratic Conservation Alliance is to help stop the Trump Administration’s attack on our air, land and water so that our children and grandchildren may continue to enjoy our national parks, monuments, wilderness, and wildlife for generations to come. We support Democratic candidates who will stand up to the Trump Administration and defend our nation’s conservation values for the benefit of all Americans.



Oil, gas, mining, and other extractive industries have spent millions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions to get the Trump Administration and their allies in Congress to push an anti-conservation agenda. We can’t let their money drown out our voices. We need to speak up to defend our right to clean air, clean water, and the outdoors.


Efforts at the national level to conserve land, increase recreational access, and reverse the decline of American wildlife have largely ground to a halt. Our goal is to elect more Democratic Members to Congress who are making conservation a priority.

FIGHTING TO keep public lands public

President Trump and Republicans in Congress are pushing proposals to sell or give away our national forests, parks, and public lands, instead of keeping them open and accessible for all Americans. The Democratic Conservation Alliance will be there to support members who are fighting to keep public lands public!


Matt Lee-Ashley

A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Matt Lee-Ashley has helped advance progressive energy and environmental policies in the U.S. Senate, in the Obama Administration, with a leading think tank, and on political campaigns. As deputy chief of staff and director of communications at the Department of the Interior, Lee-Ashley helped the Obama Administration establish new national monuments, accelerate clean energy production on public lands, and reform outdated oil and gas policies. He helped develop and advance land and wildlife conservation proposals that were adopted in the 2016 Democratic Party Platform, advised the Hillary Clinton campaign on conservation issues, and has written extensively on public land and natural resource policy. His first, second, third, and fourth jobs in public service were for U.S. Senator and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

Adrian Saenz

Adrian Saenz served as a Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and as Senior Advisor in the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs where he managed the Administration’s relationships with Governors, legislators, and other state elected officials. He has extensive experience managing campaigns and in building strategic coalitions around Federal, state, and local-level actions. Adrian served as the National Latino Vote Director on the Obama-Biden campaign and later became a Senior Advisor at Organizing for Action. A veteran of three presidential campaigns, Adrian began his career in government and politics as a legislative intern for the Environmental Defense Fund in Texas. He spent nearly a decade on Capitol Hill as a Chief of Staff and Communications Director, and was also the national field director and director of Hispanic outreach for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the historic 2006 election cycle.

Lucinda Guinn

Lucinda Guinn is the Vice President of Campaigns at EMILY’s List, where she oversees all of the group’s efforts to elect pro-choice Democratic women to local, state and federal office.

Previously, Lucinda served as the Vice President of Independent Expenditures. In this role, Lucinda ran WOMEN VOTE!, EMILY’s List independent expenditure arm which works to educate and mobilize women voters on behalf of pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Prior to joining EMILY’s List, Lucinda served as Political Director at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a nonpartisan organization that helps elect outstanding LGBT community leaders to public office. During the 2012 election cycle Lucinda served as the Western Political Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where she helped elect 11 new members of Congress while retaining the seat of every incumbent in her region. Lucinda’s multi-faceted political experience includes: campaign management (including Ami Bera for Congress), field organizing, earned media and paid communications for both independent expenditures and coordinated campaigns. Throughout her career she worked on and advised campaigns at all levels of the ballot.

Lucinda, a proud BBQ-eating Texas Democrat, has a Bachelor of Science from the UT Austin School of Journalism and now lives in Washington, DC.